This page holds pictures of different Industrial/Goth concerts, gatherings and events.

Pictures that promote the Industrial, Goth and Christian Goth scene only and nothing else, because to the owners of this site, there isn't anything more important than the Industrial Goth scene..

You will find no pictures of  Lady GaGa or the likes on this board, we have more class than that. Besides, there isn't enough Dramamine to go around to keep visitors from being violently ill from looking at pictures of a singing slut.



                                    Club Mercury, Seattle WA                        

Der Bunker



Lestat 2014

Aesthetic Perfection 2014

Mordacious 2014

God Module 2014

Definitive Strike 2014

Suicide Commando 2014

VNV Nation 2014

CreepShow 1977 Concert

VNV Nation, Detroit, Michigan

Informatik at the Labyrinth


Spirit Child at Cornerstone

Omega Straine

Darkfield Illuminator

Cesium 137

Electro Fest, Lakewood, Ohio 2006

Process 42 at the Underground, Sandusky, Ohio

East Coast Industrial  Fest

Dracula's Ball Jan. 13th 2007

Dracula's Ball 10 Year Anniversary



The Asylum at Cornerstone 2006

Unified Underground 2007

2004 Christian Goth Gathering

2006 Christian Goth Gathering


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