This event was held at the Phantasy Night Club in Lakewood Ohio on the 9th of September, 2006.

It was a KICK BUTT festival that had a lot of great bands and it started at 3pm and ended around 1am. Too bad that the local underground community didn't show up in force to support this event, there should have been at least three times as many people show up to support it.

Kudos go out to the organizer by the name of Damon, he did an awesome job, in spite of the poor turn out.

I was not there for the beginning of the show, but I did get  to see most of the bands and take pictures of there sets.

The one act that I felt stole the show was Terrorfakt.

electrofest_01.JPG (559265 bytes)

Damon, the organizer of  Electro Fest.

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