We have made a choice to be different from the main stream.

We live contrary to how your world lives

Your world can only offer you death.

We are dead to the things of your world.

We live in the shadows, we do not want to be acknowledged.

We live and work amongst you but yet we are separate from you.

We are made fun of because we are so different from you, but we don't mind because that's what makes us stronger.

We are rejected by your world so we have made our own.

We are a powerful unseen influence to your world.

If it weren't for us YOUR WORLD would have collapsed long ago.

Some day you will want to be like us and we won't reject you like you have rejected us but rather we will embrace you with an eternal love that has no prejudice and no barriers  and we will help you to become like us, for we will one day rule the world,

and there is nothing you can do about it.

We are .


Join with us NOW, rather than bowing to us LATER.