Lady of shadows and starlight

Skin as pale as moonlight

Eyes as mysterious and ancient as the beginning of time itself

Eyes filled with sadness, and sorrow

Hair of ebony and darkness

Shadows flicker upon your velvet skin

Starlight is thy adornment

Whispers in the halls

The shadows are your servants, starlight fills yours veins

A dress of emerald velvet covers your immortal form

A cloak of mists around your shoulders

Your beauty causes mortal men to weep

For one night of bliss with you.

Beautiful one

Cry not.

For the moon weeps outside your window

It aches to touch thy porcelain skin

The stars dance with joy to see you

Lady of starlight and shadows

Ancient lady of fairies.

A crystal rose clutched to your bosom from a friend

Long dead

A heart aching to see his face again

Sorrow engulfs your heart

Alone on an ebony throne

Staring at the ocean

Wishing to drift upon the waves

But trapped inside these marble halls

Inside your mind.

Your subconscious imprisons her

Within your hand

You hold the key

To release yourself

To enter the sunlight sky

Take the key

Unlock your pain

Let go the ghosts the trap you within

Lady of starlight

Let love embrace you

Step in to the lightand free thyself


Author:  Nothingbutdecayedflesh

(Oh how I miss you my friend)