What has the System done FOR you?


What has the system done TO you?


It tries to force you into itís restrictive mold and when you donít fit in youíre labeled a MISFIT, A NUISANCE, A LOST CAUSE, A BURDEN and tells you that you wonít AMOUNT TO ANYTHING. It forced you to become an OUTCAST TO SOCIETY and go underground and all that pain of rejection has scared you and has made you angry, rebellious and hard.

So hard that you donít allow anyone into your space.

You desperately want to love and be loved, but you know you will get hurt so you donít allow it. You tend to isolate yourself so no one can get close to you.


No one understands you.

Except for the few people that you hang with that are just like you. But even they donít give you any comfort because they are as messed up as you are.

The cycle of pain and rejection continues to this very day.


What the system hasnít told you and doesnít even know itself is that YOU ARE ALREADY ACCEPTED and you donít have to stay hurt, angry and hard. You deserve to be loved and there is an overwhelming love that is available to you.

You donít ever have to be alone again. Your life DOES have purpose and meaning.

You were born to experience true happiness.


By getting to know the one man who has beaten the system and he had you on his mind when he did it.

This man fought the system all of his life. The system tried to kill him several times, the first time was when he was around two years old. He wasnít afraid to confront the system and call if for what it really was, a system for the social elite and the powerful who suppressed the poor and those who didnít fit into there pre conceived mold.

How did he defeat the system?

By volunteering to give up his life at the age of 33 as a sacrifice, so that through his death, your eyes can be opened to see the system for what it really is.


Jesus Christ, the son of God is that man.

When you get to know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior your heart, mind and soul will be set free from the hardness that resulted from the constant rejection of the social and religious elitist system. You will be able to swim in the vast healing love that God as had for you before you were even conceived in your mothers womb. It is the most amazing thing to experience Gods loving embrace around your heart and to know that you are loved no matter what the system says about you because the system is a lie and Gods love is REAL.