The luster of the wound of yesteryear's horror is struck in the flame of passion's desire. Shadows flicker and flirt in the far away past upon the walls built to hide me, cast by phantom drapes of long forgotten memories. The pages of my story once aimlessly turning in the winds so chill that howl through my bed chamber. I dwelled in silence and nightmare's embrace, cast to a world cut off.
The embodiment of terror came to me there upon the quiet of my frosty bed. He inflicts the wound that was once inflicted, never allowing it to heal. Speaking sweetly to me he allured the surrender that only my sickness could abide. He pricked deep into that familiar place where he took me a slave before. Slowly penetrating with claws of ice that never seemed to numb. I writhed under his dread touch too weak to even hate it. He pressed my lips to bleeding silence with his other wretched claws. I grasped the sheets with quaking hands to ride it out in strange and tearful ecstasy. My thoughts lay dying... O how he hurts me. O how he tortures me and tells me to love it, his fingers deep in my breast.
A memory returns to show me again of a Love that I once knew. A death that yielded naught but Life in the sweetest of all caresses. A touch that went far deeper still and pierced me with nameless desire. My terror's Enemy comes to me at the cry of my shredded heart. I want another Lover. One who would die for me, not slowly kill me with horrid bitter delight.
He comes and chases away my captor, and gently fondles my wound. I fall asleep. I am breathless. His touch like nails run me through, and I am taken anew. I am enslaved to this most cherished desire, the want of His embrace shatters me. To be held naked and shameless against this most Manly of hearts I would die a thousand deaths. The endless power of an eternal King beats beneath His breast. His kisses to me are like bolts of lightning that strike upon my lips, and fire that searches the uttermost parts of me do drip from His strong fingers. And in His embrace I burn in a furnace of passion's sweetest flame, drowning in a most vehement heat.
This Lover's presence sets me ablaze, not like the other who froze me. He knows my longings and meets them all, I am a most happy bride. He healed the wound once inflicted thousands of times without remorse. He left the scar upon my breast, a witness of His sweet Love. When He came to me, o deadest heart and caught me in an endless abyss. I had fallen so far. So very far. Out of the reach of time and remembrance, swallowed up in pitch. He Came to me there and said "No, My love... you cannot go where I have been. I have died and fallen deeper than all through no fault of My own. It was for you My sweet and all the others that the Highest descended the deepest. I have gone where none could ever go, conquering every horror, defeating every fear. Love has come to sooth the hurts and end all bitter tears. Don't be afraid any longer, your Love is taking you home. You are My wife to cherish and hold, never again alone."

Such is my Lover to me...


Author:  Stormlust