First, allow me to explain in a little more detail why we call ourselves THE WALKING DEAD.

We call ourselves the Walking Dead because we have become dead to the pain and hurt of our past. Dead to the emptiness that used to eat away at our soul. Dead to the guilt of our past mistakes. Dead to the old self that was driven by anger and revenge. Dead to the voices in our head that taunted us and reminded us of all the bad things that we have done to others and to ourselves. Dead to feelings of inadequacy and uselessness.  Dead to old destructive habits and addictions.  We are no longer damaged goods. We are totally set free from our old self and past mistakes and walk in a newness of life and purpose. We now experience the freedom that can only be achieved by being covered in the blood of Jesus.  We THE WALKING DEAD know first hand what it feels like to be judged, to be looked down on by others. We have felt the pain of rejection just because we look and act different. To be made fun of and to be an outcast. We have felt the bite of loneliness because we are different from others. We know how it feels to be rejected by so called Christians because we look so different from what they look like, so we are called EVIL, even though we are covered in the blood of Jesus, and He doesn't judge us as evil, He judges us FORGIVEN.  We don't care what those superficial Christians say or think about us.  We know deep down inside that we are forgiven by God because of the blood of Jesus that covers us. It wasnít by anything that we could have done to achieve this freedom. It is all given by the Grace (unmerited favor) of God. Unlike superficial Christianity which says you have to look like them, talk like them and act like them in order for God to forgive you, which is a lie from the pit of hell.


Why we call ourselves follower of THE WAY, rather than Christians.

The label CHRISTIAN  is so misrepresented today by people who say they have a personal relationship with Jesus, who occupy a seat at church, but live a life that is totally opposite of what Jesus is all about. We want NOTHING to do with that form of superficial, judgmental hypocrisy. The name "CHRISTIAN" has been forever ruined by those self serving, mannequin producing, false teaching, mans doctrine pushing, ritualistic, fake, poser, hypocritical, judgmental, money worshiping believers in Jesus Christ who run by or run over people who are hurting and needing the love of Christ, just so that they can flock to the super mega churches and tell others that they are members of the fastest growing church in the area. But in reality, that church is only producing death, bitterness and hatred towards God because those who have been hurt or misjudged by these "CHRISTIANS" want  nothing to do with God because they don't want to be like those "Super Christians". Neither do we.

We refuse to swallow the manure that those people and their money loving television evangelists try to shove down the throats of the unsuspecting new believers and call it CHRISTIANITY. We, the WALKING DEAD would much rather be called FOLLOWERS OF THE WAY.

In the bible (the word of God that todayís Christians like to twist around for their own personal gain by misquoting scripture, so that they can get more money out of unsuspecting people to pay for their big houses, sports cars, expensive lifestyles, and their so called mega ministries), it never mentions followers of Jesus as Christians. The first believers in Christ called themselves THE WAY, the sect of THE WAY, or followers of THE WAY. In the Bible (the thing that most of todayís Christians let set on their coffee tables and collect dust), Jesus declared that He is "THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO MAN CAN COME TO THE FATHER (GOD) BUT BY HIM (JESUS)". That is why we call ourselves THE WAY, because we want to be as close to how the Bible says we are to love and obey God and experience His love for us and not be like what the Christians of today are like.

The only way that this relationship with God can happen is if we have truly accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.


Now that you know who we are and why we call ourselves the WALKING DEAD and followers of THE WAY, allow us to explain why we are making our presence known in the clubs and bars of the Underground culture.

We walk among those who dwell in the darkness. We share a common bond. We also embrace the night and revel in it. We dance to the same driving beat of the night, WE ARE ONE OF YOU. We bleed from the same wounds that are daily inflicted on us by the day dwellers, the social elite, the miss informed and the ignorant, who make fun of us because we choose to look different from them and refuse to conform to there lifestyle. We also bear the scars of the self inflicted wounds we gave ourselves in the desperate attempt to feel SOMETHING, ANYTHING, even if it was from the itchy sting of a razor blade or from putting a fist through a wall. Anything was better than the numbness that gripped our hearts and minds. We are one with you.

The ONLY difference is that we have come to know personally Jesus Christ and are covered in His blood. 

Because we have asked Jesus to forgive us of our sins and for Him to come into our hearts and be the Lord of our lives, the torments that once controlled our lives no longer has power over us. We have been healed from the deep wounds of emptiness and isolation which resulted from being abused and rejected by family members, society, and hypocritical Christians that didnít know anything about the love of God. All of this just because we chose to dress in clothes that reflect how we feel on the inside, freaks to the status quo and broken by the unreachable expectations of family members and society. We know that same pain you feel. We are not better than you, we are one with you.

If you donít want to hear what we have to say, thatís fine, we respect that, we wonít push the issue, because we didnít want anything to do with God or His followers also at one time in our lives.

But, donít think that we have become stupid and brain dead and canít think for ourselves just because we have embraced Gods healing love or that we are pushovers or can be intimidated by your facade of smug intellectual superiority because you know so much about all religions or spiritual things and even the bible. Remember, we are just like you so we know all about seeking a higher power in all forms of spiritualism, satanism, wicca, druidism or atheism in the attempts to ease the torments of the heart. There were even times when we had ourselves convinced that we were truly satisfied with a particular form of spiritualism, but there was always the eventual crash from the high and we were right back to where we were, empty, lonely and hurting. We also put on a good front that we were satisfied and fulfilled with our spiritualism when we were approached by Christians, but deep down, we knew we were wrong and the emptiness was still there. So nothing you say will convince us to walk away from our personal relationship with God because we know what the alternative is, the life we had before Christ, with all of its hurts, loneliness, emptiness, unfulfilled, and regrets and wrong ideas of what true Christianity is like. We are not here to preach to you or force religion down your throats, we hate religion with a passion. We refuse to be like those so called Christians who are quick to judge and say hurtful things. In fact, those same Christians make fun of us also and tell us we are evil and canít have a relationship with Jesus because we wear black clothing, have different color hair or no hair at all, tattoos, and body piercings. We are here to celebrate the night with you and if possible, hold your hand, be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen or someone who will sit by you just to let you know that you are not alone in your torment. For you see, we are one of you, we enjoy the night and the night culture just like you. The only difference is that we have chosen to be COVERED IN BLOOD, the blood of Jesus. So donít judge us because we will never judge you. We just want to share the dance floor and enjoy the night, just like you.


If you would like to experience a life filled with new beginnings, to have your heart filled to bursting with Gods amazing love, all you have to do is to GET COVERED IN BLOOD.