Away,... away calls the voice from from another time. Crying for someone with a heart to hear. It is so dark there. So dark and far away.

Life is so frail, in an instant it seems lost. Those who die a thousand deaths know well of what I speak. The years have fled at the horrid cost, and the distant forgotten night doth conceal the weak.

And there I am found. A tragic shadow on the edge of night. Where twilight bends it's shrieking way to the darkness just ahead. I sit beneath the tree of life and watch it all unfold. Pondering the memories of ages past when my innocence was a fire. A light that warmed and brightened this world, Oh where now has it fled?

But here beneath these branches I sit, it lowers it's precious fruit. I need this. I need to feast once again upon the flesh of life. I ache to drink the juice that spills from wounds we tend to forget. Be stetted with this thought so strange and so mild,... my heart is by it tamed. I forget the world that breaks my heart, for a moment I'm not the same.

He said darkness is naked before His Eyes, I know that He sees me. I take another bite of this precious fruit, and then lay me down to sleep. The tree of life in autumn's wind drops it's leaves to dream. He sings me away to another world where sorrow becomes my wings.

There I will stay...


Author:  Stormlust