Can you hear the cry in darkness?
Can you feel her tears who embrace her?
Her head is full of sadness, to destroy her.
Can't you see that she's dying?

Her tears, red as blood and dark as her soul
They leave marks on her face, hurting her.
She has cut her wrists,
She's bleeding to death.

She's screaming at you, me and the others
She's left alone for emptiness was her only friend
Left in pain, she's lost in deceptions
Life has crashed, nothing's left there

Our looks, at her face, we stay in the shadow of fear
She can't see us, she's blind for having no eyes

She's bleeding, blood is running away
There is no more tears on her face
Something has fulfilled her, embracing her soul
That thing is holding her tight and murmur :

"My child, I love you
Be no more in pain
There is hope for you
I gave my life away"

Her blood has slipped away
Her face turned white
Death has closed her eyes
For she fell on the ground

With a smile on her lips...


Author: DarkMoonDying