To the ignorant, Goth is fashionable and sheik.  But to those of us who are locked in the struggle between life and death, {Life that is meaningless, cold and full of emotional and mental TORMENTS,  and death that is desperately longed for.} Goth is a WAY OF LIFE that goes beyond the wearing of black clothes.



An actual geographical place where suffering and death took place.

But, also a place that offers the promise of NEW LIFE and healing.

History tells of a one time event that occurred at Golgotha where a man willingly chose to suffer and die for you and I, so that we would never have to suffer again and experience a new life with new beginnings, free from the torments of our past and present.

This message board is dedicated to those of the culture who are hurting, alone and think that no one understands or cares for them.  You will find on this board others just like you to draw strength from and help.  They have been where you are and want to offer help and friendship in contrast to the Goth culture that can be snobby, uncaring and cliquey.