So you found this piece of paper in the club and it appealed to you or it peeked your curiosity, or it just totally offended and pissed you off. You read all the way through that neatly folded piece of paper and now you are checking this site out to find out just what the hell it's all about.


The creator of this web site was once exactly where you are right now, lonely, hurting inside, longing for peace from the tormented mind and heart and looking for solace in the Underground scene, or Goth culture. He was filled with rage that was consuming him from the inside out. He only got temporary relief from his torments when he hung out at the Goth clubs because he felt a bond of kinship with the other freaks that accepted him for the shattered and abused person he was. But when he left the clubs and had to go back to face the harsh reality of life.  He once again became engulfed  with the bone numbing emptiness of his heart. JUST AS YOU HAVE TO FACE IT NOW.

Then he was given the opportunity to BATHE IN BLOOD, and his life was radically changed.

He created this website to help direct you to this life changing experience that he had and knows once you get COVERED IN BLOOD, you also will be radically changed also and you will be filled with a peace and love that cannot be taken from you ever again.

Click on the CHAMBER OF TORMENTS link below and find the torment that best describes what you are going through right now, read all the way through it  and then, if you really want to change and be free from your torment, click on the BATHE IN BLOOD LINK  at the bottom of that page to receive the SIMPLE instructions on how to be radically set free and changed by bathing in Blood.