COMMANDO: A highly trained warrior, trained in all aspects of warfare but specializes in gorilla styled fighting. Whose sole purpose is to penetrate undetected deep into enemy territory and it's strong holds to recruit and train local inhabitants to help him in the task of  upsetting, harassing, and crippling the enemies fighting capabilities, to ultimately bring about the total and complete destruction of the enemy and to free the local inhabitants of the oppressive control of that enemy.

CHRIST'S COMMANDO: An individual who has been totally set free from the oppression of the enemy (sin and the devil). Who believes that Jesus Christ (The Commander) has called them, equipped them and has put in there heart a strong desire to go back into the culture he/she has been set free from to tell the local inhabitants about the healing love of God so that others in that culture can be set free from the oppressive control of the enemy (sin and the devil). This usually means that the person is going to go deep into the enemies territory and its strong hold to help others in that culture get set free from the enemy's oppression and to ultimately bring about the total destruction of the enemy so that all peoples and cultures can be set free from its oppressive control.


The enemy is everywhere, it has swept over every aspect of society. You can smell him in the crack addicts pipe, the pot users bong, in the breath of the alcoholic, in ceeman infested strip clubs, adult book stores and adult movie theaters,  in the multi-billion dollar porn industry. You can see him in every porn tainted television commercial, in every racy magazine ad, on every internet porn site that is easily accessible to any unsupervised minor child, on the not so advertised but highly accessible porn videos of the popular video websites like Youtube and Enwhore, in most of the prime time TV programs, on the Disney channel, in the movie industry, in every divorce, in every adulterous affair, in the nude pictures of young people that are posted on, in the lie that homosexuality is normal and accepted and the families that are destroyed because of it, the rampant sexual activity of minors who are having sex at 10 years old and up, in the epidemic proportion of teens who believe that sex outside of marriage is normal, in the eyes of every sexually abused child, on the scar covered body of every cutter who cuts to escape the pain of there abused life, in the greed of corporate America, in the broken lives of Hollywood stars, in the violence on the streets of every city, in the overcrowded jails throughout the land, in the overwhelmed courts and behind the closed doors in every abusive families home. You can hear it in the lies of corrupt and greedy government leaders, in the hateful words of racist people of all nationalities, in the lyrics of every style of music, in every MTV, and VH1 program, in the popular computer video games that promote violence and murder, in every disrespectful child's voice, in the deafening silence at the funeral of a beloved family member who committed suicide or died of a drug or alcohol overdose or who was killed by a drunk driver.

Yes, the enemy seems too powerful and well entrenched to defeat. The adversary appears to be very strong.




Coming to YOUR neighborhood soon.

CHRIST'S COMMANDO'S, taking it to the enemy, one soul at a time.



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